Casey: A True Story – Part 2 – Khloe Kay & Dante Colle

Based on the true story of award-winning performer Casey Kisses, Casey’s story continues as Cameron (Dante Colle), now a full-fledged member of the club, Chuck (Derrick Pierce), and Rebel (Charles Dera) plan a bike trip they’ll be taking the next morning. With the details settled, they head into the biker club, where Ashley (Kira Noir) now works.

Later, Rebel is hanging out when Khloe (Khloe Kay) walks in. Rebel cocks an eyebrow at Khloe, calling her ‘Robert’ and making a nasty comment towards her. Khloe clarifies that her name isn’t ‘Robert’, and fires back at Rebel with a clever retort. Rebel gets angry, raising his fist, but Cameron holds him back, insisting that they don’t hit women. As Rebel makes another nasty comment, Khloe just looks at him in disgust, giving him the finger as she calmly walks away. Cameron glances at Khloe. He seems curious and intrigued.

When Rebel goes to sit down, Cameron strikes up a conversation with Khloe, apologizing for what just happened. As they chat, Khloe gets flirty with Cameron and they quickly find their way back to Khloe’s place. Their connection is instantaneous and they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Kissing passionately, they give in to their desire, tearing each other’s clothes off and coming together for intense and urgent sex.

After, as Cameron is getting dressed, he notices a photograph of a man on Khloe’s table. Recognizing the photo, he asks Khloe if that’s her. She nods, saying that she keeps the photo as a reminder of how far she’s come. Cameron seems even more curious and intrigued now, tentatively asking Khloe about the process of transitioning. As she answers, Cameron seems lost in thought for a moment before he finally says that he’d better get home.

But when he does get home, he knows he’s going to have to face Ashley, and try to explain all the confusing feelings he is struggling with inside…


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