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Naked Yoga Life - Cherie DeVille - Cherie DeVille 1
Yoga is a practice that liberates millions of people around the world from their entanglements and takes them to a new level of balance and inner peace. One of the most liberating forms of yoga is naked yoga, a completely nude workout where you shed all negativity around your body and allow yourself to become more open and accepting.

Prepare to have your body put into a deep state of relaxation with Naked Yoga Life as Cherie DeVille guides you through her morning yoga routine. This is not only your chance to appreciate the female body in its purest form but become more intimately aware of your own as well.

As she takes you through a calming series of poses and breathing techniques, you’re sure to feel all your troubles fade away, if even for a little while. As you relax your muscles one by one, you wonder if your limbs have always been this heavy – a sure sign that you’re finally letting the tension go.

After experiencing a deep, meditative state, Cherie is ready to show you the art of giving yourself an erotic self-massage. It’s important to take care of yourself in every sense of the word to truly find balance. As the fireplace behind her flickers, she unfolds a white towel and pours glistening oil over her naked body, rubbing it into her breasts. As she slowly spreads her legs and glides her hand down to her pussy, it’s time to be guided through the ultimate act of self-love.