Perspective: Episode 3 – Abigail Mac & Angela White & Michael Vegas & Seth Gamble & Codey Steele

Perspective: Episode 3 - Abigail Mac & Angela White & Michael Vegas & Seth Gamble & Codey Steele 1
Winner – Best Leading Actor: Seth Gamble, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Leading Actress: Angela White, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Dramatic Screenplay: Bree Mills, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Actor — Feature Movie: Seth Gamble, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Cinematography, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Director – Dramatic Production: Bree Mills, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Drama, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Editing, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Group Sex Scene, AVN 2020

Nominated – Feature Movie Of The Year, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Actress — Feature Movie: Angela White, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Mac, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Supporting Actor: Michael Vegas, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Sex Scene — Feature Movie: Angela White & Seth Gamble, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Screenplay, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Cinematography, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Editing, XBIZ 2020

At the edge of an empty parking lot early in the morning, a man opens his trunk to reveal a collection of blackmarket weapons. Daniel (Seth Gamble) looks over each of them before pointing to a semi automatic pistol. ‘That one,’ he says. The poor husband seems dazed and beyond despair, as he hands over his money without any emotion.

He walks down the street with the phone in his hand and a dead look in his eye. When he comes to the place, he stops. This must be his fucking house. He walks up. The door is unlocked. He steps inside and slowly walks to the living room. He looks around. He sits down and waits. After a moment, the stranger his wife has been having an affair with walks into the room. He stops and stares at Daniel. Daniel stares at him. Then Jennifer (Angela White) walks in. Daniel, she screams. What are you doing? Shaking and crying, he raises his gun.

Jennifer sits in her kitchen sipping coffee. She seems worried. She knows she has to leave, even just for an hour. She had promised Dr. Mercer (Michael Vegas) she wouldn’t cancel again. Standing up, Jennifer grabs her purse off the counter and creeps to the door when she is met by a utility worker knocking (Codey Steele). He needs to read the meter. In a panic, she lets him inside and walks down the hall to her husband’s office. Daniel, she says timidly. The door opens and her husband sits staring at his computer. It isn’t even on. Daniel, I’m going to go out for an hour … just a coffee with my friend. But, the technician from Energy Solar is here and he needs to check the meter. Can you show him? Daniel looks at the man and shakes his hand. Sure hun, he says staring at her without blinking. Jennifer quickly exits the house, breathing a sigh of relief.

Later, Dr. Mercer is reading a medical journal when Jennifer knocks on the door. He lets her in and greets her with a warm hug. I’m so glad you came, he says. I’ll admit I was a bit worried after our last session ended. Jennifer sits down looking defeated. She apologizes and explains that she just needs to be careful. It’s the final few days before the move and she wants to make sure Daniel doesn’t suspect a thing. She is nearly in tears.

The frazzled woman and her doctor review the safety plan that they have been working on. Leaving an abusive relationship is overwhelming, Dr. Mercer reminds his client. She apologizes again for not having the strength to do it yet. Women often try to leave several times before finally deciding to end the relationship. There are many complicated reasons why it is difficult to leave. You shouldn’t feel guilty. She says she knows. Lena (Abigail Mac) keeps telling her the same thing. She notices a text come across her phone. It’s Daniel. Five more texts as she tries to continue her session. Finally, she can’t take it anymore. She leaves in a hurry, as her worried therapist watches her leave.

Hours later. Jennifer sits in her car around the corner from her house, as the text messages continue to come in. Each buzz makes her feel more resigned. The end is coming. She turns the ignition on and drives the rest of the way home.

When she walks inside, the house is dark. Daniel sits in the kitchen calmly. She enters, ready with an excuse. Anything to avoid a fight. Why didn’t you answer my texts? He asks. She tells him that she is sorry, her phone died. Who brought you these? He demands, pointing to the empty counter. I don’t know what you’re talking about, she responds. Daniel explodes. Was it that man I saw you with earlier? He screams. She tries to tell him it was a utility worker but, by this time, Daniel has flown into a rage. He picks up the mug she had used earlier and smashes it to the ground, as she cowers in fear. Please just trust me, she begs.

Later that night. Jennifer sits in a darkened hallway cowering over her phone while Daniel snores loudly from their bedroom. I’m sorry, she texts. I just don’t think I’m strong enough to leave him yet.

A week later. The couple drive to a hotel. His idea. She didn’t argue.

Inside, they have sex. Jennifer lays motionless while Daniel is on top of her. She just wants it to be over.

Afterwards, she excuses herself in the shower. Sitting on the toilet, she puts her head in her hands to calm down. She turns on the water and coaches herself in the mirror. If she can stick to her plan and keep him calm for just a little longer, she can make her exit safely. But she cannot do it alone. She takes a deep breath and steps inside the shower.

When she leaves the bathroom, Daniel is waiting for her. He stares right through her and a chill runs down her spine. She can see her phone on the bedside beside him. What’s wrong? She asks. He continues to stare at her. Is everything ok? She asks again. Everything is fine, he responds with a smile.

They drive home from the hotel with the radio blaring.

A week later. Daniel has been relatively quiet which makes Jennifer uneasy. She is preparing to leave him for good in three days. But things take a turn for the worse after Jennifer returns home from work. Daniel stands calmly in the driveway, waiting for her to get out of the car, before snatching her purse from her hands. I’m taking the car, he says dumping the contents of her purse on the concrete and grabbing the keys. Jennifer looks around the neighborhood in shock as he speeds off, before quickly gathering her things and rushing into the house.

She makes a call. I think he suspects something, she says. The woman on the other end of the line calms her down. Tomorrow is the final meeting. After that, we will move you into the safe house. And I’ll be there too. You can always stay with me. At least he’ll probably be gone for a few hours so you can come over and help me pack, Jennifer replies. She is talking to Lena. Lena is a woman from the same support group. She left her abusive husband years ago. She understands how tough it can be and she has been Jennifer’s confidante over the last few months.

That night, Lena and Jennifer finish packing a duffel bag to stash in Lena’s car. Jennifer is anxious about Daniel so Lena encourages her to send him a text. When Daniel replies with a curt ‘don’t wait up for me’ message, Jennifer collapses back down on the couch as Lena gives her a long hug. He’s probably wasted again, she says. Jennifer nods. If that’s the case, he won’t be home for hours, she says quietly. Lena takes Jennifer’s face in her hands. Soon, you won’t have to hide ANYTHING anymore, she says. The women stare at each other before beginning to kiss. The kiss leads to more as they undress. Jennifer is vulnerable to Lena but trusts her. She is safe. She is loved.

That night, long after Lena had left, Jennifer lays in bed when she hears the door open. It’s almost 6am. She quickly closes her eyes to pretend to be dozing. Daniel slumps in. His face and clothes are stained red but Jennifer only opens her eyes once he has gone into the bathroom and closed the door. She hears the shower and breathes a sigh of relief that she avoided spending another night with him. Two more days until she is free.