Perspective: Episode 4 – Abigail Mac & Angela White & Whitney Wright & Gianna Dior & Michael Vegas & Isiah Maxwell & Seth Gamble

Perspective: Episode 4 - Abigail Mac & Angela White & Whitney Wright & Gianna Dior & Michael Vegas & Isiah Maxwell & Seth Gamble 1
Winner – Best Leading Actor: Seth Gamble, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Leading Actress: Angela White, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Dramatic Screenplay: Bree Mills, AVN 2020

Winner – Best Actor — Feature Movie: Seth Gamble, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Cinematography, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Director – Dramatic Production: Bree Mills, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Drama, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Editing, AVN 2020

Nominated – Best Group Sex Scene, AVN 2020

Nominated – Feature Movie Of The Year, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Actress — Feature Movie: Angela White, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Mac, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Supporting Actor: Michael Vegas, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Sex Scene — Feature Movie: Angela White & Seth Gamble, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Screenplay, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Cinematography, XBIZ 2020

Nominated – Best Editing, XBIZ 2020

Jennifer (Angela White) makes breakfast while Daniel (Seth Gamble) sits staring at her. Not wanting to seem too anxious, she pretends not to notice and tries to find out what his schedule will be.

Lena (Abigail Mac) sends a text. Here is the address for tonight, she says. Jennifer turns the ringer off. I have a long day ahead, Daniel replies. Lots of work to catch up on after a late night. But I’ll be done by dinner. The phone flashes again. I was actually going to go out to a movie tonight with my girlfriends, she mutters, if that’s ok? Daniel spits his coffee out in a rage. And you would actually go …. Even after we made plans together?! I will still make you dinner, she mutters. This shirt is ruined, he screams clutching his chest. She tells him to stay put while she gets him a clean one.

Running into the master, she rummages through his closet and bathroom laundry bin for a replacement when she notices a pile of clothes stained red in the corner. She stares at them in horror. Daniel, what did you do? She whispers. He appears in the doorway. I hit a deer, he says calmly as he takes the shirt from her hands. And I’m sorry about earlier. Go have fun with your girlfriends. You deserve it. She smiles nervously before buttoning his shirt up. He grabs her wrist and moves it down to his crotch. But before you go, he says assertively, you better make it up to me. Trying to put on a brave face, she drops to her knees to service him.

As he fucks her face, her mind wanders. She imagines her husband driving. A ceramic deer on the road, as the headlights illuminate it before impact. Daniel standing over its body. The Deer’s face. Daniel’s face. A woman’s face. Daniel’s face covered in red.

Her eyes open as Daniel ejaculates in her mouth. I’m late for work, he says, and leaves. Jennifer is relieved he is gone.

That night, she goes to her final support meeting. It’s being held at an outpatient clinic. One of the volunteers works the door while Dr. Mercer (Michael Vegas) conducts the session inside. A group of fellow survivors, including Lena, are there to give Jennifer the final encouragement she needs. She stays stoic throughout.

As everyone packs up to leave, Jennifer pulls Dr. Mercer and Lena aside. She tells them about the clothing she found. Lena looks concerned. You’re not staying one more night in that place, she says, and demands that Jennifer go home with her instead. Dr. Mercer agrees that it is a good idea. You can take Jennifer to the safe house tomorrow morning, he says. He walks them to the front door and is surprised that his volunteer is no longer there. Shaking his head, he walks back inside without noticing the body behind the counter. Daniel steps out of the shadows.

Later that night. Dr. Mercer leaves the clinic and walks to his car. Just as he is about to get in, Daniel strikes him. Are you trying to make a fool out of me? Dr. Mercer begs and pleads for his safety. He doesn’t know what the stranger is talking about. Jennifer Morris, Daniel repeats. My wife! Where did she go? Is she with him now? How could you have fucked her right in front of me? Dr. Mercer is terrified. I would never do anything inappropriate with one of my patients, he pleads. Daniel continues his interrogation, spewing back lurid details of all the sex he saw. Dr. Mercer is beside himself with horror. But … I’m gay, he finally whimpers. Daniel threatens to end him unless he tells him exactly where Jennifer is. The broken doctor agrees to give the address to where she is staying and fumbles to open up his map app before Daniel strikes him one final time and rips the phone from the man’s hand.

The next morning. Jennifer wakes up in Lena’s arms. She feels safe. She texts Dr. Mercer to tell him they are going to the house and then the two women get up to shower. As they load up the car, her phone rings. Are you Mrs. Morris? The person asks. Jennifer stops. Yes, she replies. I work at the Wits End. Been trying to get a hold of you and your husband. He forgot his credit card here when you two left the other night. The pile of clothes flashes in Jennifer’s mind. I’m sorry, when was that? She asks. The bartender laughs. You were pretty wasted. It was two nights ago. The image of the deer flashes in Jennifer’s mind.

You must be mistaken, she says and hangs up the phone in a panic. Take me to the safe house please, she asks Lena. She texts Dr. Mercer again. Where are the keys? After a moment, the text changes from delivered to read. It will be unlocked, he replies.

Jennifer and Lena arrive at the house. The front door appears to be broken. Stay here, Lena says, while I check inside …just to be safe. She cautiously walks into the house while Jennifer waits outside. After a long pause, she hears Lena scream her name and bursts through the door. There, on the coach, sits Daniel. He is very still. A gun rests in his lap. Daniel, Jennifer whispers. What are you doing? He doesn’t move. Daniel, I’m leaving you, She continues. He doesn’t move. DANIEL!! Jennifer screams.

An hour later. As cops walk the scene and a detective explains what they believed had happened to her husband and the three people he is now suspected of murdering, Jennifer sits wrapped up in a blanket and held by Lena. She stares as the hole in the back of Daniel’s head drips down the couch and collects in a pool that slowly spreads towards her feet.

Jennifer is a good woman. A kind woman. An unassuming woman. Her husband, Daniel, was a psychopath. They met during an exchange trip in college. It’s been 5 years of abuse since they married and now he is finally gone. But he will never ever let her leave.