Shadowbanned: Part 2 – Dante Colle & Maddy May

Shadowbanned: Part 2 - Dante Colle & Maddy May 1 Shadowbanned: Part 2 - Dante Colle & Maddy May 2
Cady (Rocky Emerson) is reeling from Regina’s sudden disappearance and calls on her followers to help her figure out what’s going on. Cady is convinced that Jamie Jane is somehow connected to everything that is happening and is determined to find her. Just as Cady is posting her plea for help, Gretchen (Maddy May) walks in.

Cady tries to convince her that something seriously weird is going on, but Gretchen is skeptical. Just then, Gretchen’s date, Codey Automatic (Dante Colle) arrives. Codey is one of Gretchen’s new followers and does robot dances online. Gretchen suggested that they make a robot dance together in honor of Regina.

As Gretchen and Codey film the robot dance in Gretchen’s room, it doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy between them.

Meanwhile, Cady thinks she’s finally figured out what happened to Jaime and Regina…but can she save them??

Alexis Tae

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