Shhh… Your Father’s Into It! – Johnny The Kid & Jodi West

Shhh... Your Father's Into It! - Johnny The Kid & Jodi West 1
Halloween is lame. What’s even lamer is seeing your parents get dressed up for it. I couldn’t believe the maid outfit my stepmom was wearing out to a Halloween party, completely slutty! I had to say something & boy do I wish I didn’t. My stepmom started going off about her wild sexlife with my dad – she told me he liked to get pictures of her fucking strange men! My stepmom even put on an even sluttier outfit to model for me! This was all very concerning when she told me she would stay home I was relieved until I realized she wanted me, HER STEPSON, to be that strange dick!? My stepmom shoved her hands in my pants and pulled my cock out, she seemed impressed as she jerked and sucked it. My stepmom slid her MILF pussy down my hard cock, I couldn’t help myself and started slamming her hard and she seemed to like it. Her flopped around in my face while we fucked. I fucked her roughly from behind, I think I made my stepmom cum like that. She let me get on top and her shaved pussy until I pulled out and came all over it. Basically, I saved Halloween!

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