So Easily Manipulated – Duncan Saint & Gia Oh My

So Easily Manipulated - Duncan Saint & Gia Oh My 1
Getting played is always humiliating. Especially when it’s by Gia Oh My, your sneaky stepdaughter. She was prancing around without a bra on, her juicy tits jiggling & bouncing as her nipples popped out. Then she asked me to rub her cute little feet. She turned around and wiggled that phat little ass at me. Who could blame a man for checking her out when she was tanning topless later!? Well she didn’t see it that way & thought I should pay for her Euro trip so she wouldn’t tell my wife about this. She wrapped her cute little teen lips around my fat cock & then squeezed it with her natural titties. She let me fuck her from behind while stared at her beautiful ass. I stuck her good and made her cum before pulling out and nutting on her boobs. I wonder how many more vacations she is going to coax out of me…

Alexis Tae

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