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Alexis Crystal As a result, Nelly Kent we are all eager to know about and assess the most suitable technologies to invest in. HITEC offers a unique combination of top-notch education and brings together the brightest minds and hottest technologies from across the globe to one place. In addition, HITEC Dubai will feature a summit with one-to-one business meetings that have become the hallmark of Naseba’s platforms. Hoteliers attending the summit portion of HITEC Dubai will be pre-qualified to confirm their purchasing authority, budgets, timelines and solutions of interest. HFTP produces international events throughout the year, including the world’s largest hospitality technology tradeshow and conference brand: HITEC. HFTP offers expert networks, educational resources, career development programs, research, leadership opportunities and conferences and events. HITEC Dubai’s Advisory Council Chairperson Laurent A. Voivenel, Senior Vice President, Operations and Development for the Middle East, Africa and India for Swiss-Belhotel International, said, “Technology and digitalisation are transforming the hotel industry like never before which has boosted competitiveness and efficiency at every step of our business.

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ANYTHING U.S-fake meat startup Impossible Foods unveiled soy sausages and other substitute pork products, aiming to curb environmental and animal welfare concerns engulfing the global meat industry. HFTP is recognized as the spokes group for the finance and technology segments of the hospitality industry with an international network of members and stakeholders. Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), established in 1952, is a hospitality nonprofit association headquartered in Austin, Texas USA with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Dubai. There is a GMA (Gospel Music association) it has become a multi million dollar business as well. Sky Software had recently announced its complex cluster multi property cloud-based solutions in response to the ever increase demand from hospitality groups on clustering and outsourced models of management. As the stone was only available to a very small portion of the market as a result of this marketing arrangement, the price stayed fairly low without consumer demand to drive them upwards. Occasionally when Real Madrid and Barcelona meet each other, the coaches are on solid ground whatever the result but this is not one of those occasions. This is because statistic shows that young people lean to accidents as a result of driving fast while senior or folks over 25 years (www.analdig.com/anal-acrobats/francys-belle-brittany-bardot-brittany-bardot-francys-belle/) of ages are more careful when they drive.


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Chanel Preston The study, which looked at men who participate in the UK Biobank, which has a total of 500,000 people who contribute blood, urine and saliva samples along with detailed self-reported information and agreements to have their health followed over time. Before men go looking among the available hair loss solutions for men – hair transplant surgery, hair systems, laser hair therapy and more – it’s vital to have a good understanding about the types of hair loss that occur and why they occur. Not all hair loss treatments work for all men. Those include: it comes from the mother’s genes (partially true, but the father’s genes show a strong correlation as well), it’s just a part of aging (it’s common for hair loss to become prominent among 20-year-olds), hats and helmets tug on follicles to cause hair loss (only if coupled with poor hygiene that leads to scalp infections), and it’s due to poor diet (only rapid losses and gains in weight, sometimes called yo-yo dieting, are connected to weight loss), and that emotional trauma causes hair loss (only if it was going to be lost anyway).

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Androgenic alopecia, the type of hair loss commonly referred to as “male pattern baldness,” is just that: when the replacement hairs to those lost in the shower dwindles, with weaker, thinner hairs growing from the follicles (follicles are the roots of hair, what lies below the surface of the skin of the scalp). There are many myths around the causes of androgenic alopecia – male pattern baldness – but science is finally isolating the likely genetic basis of hair loss. That said, genetic factors – long suspected as contributors to hair loss – are increasingly considered as primary causes of hair loss. This is why about a third of the adult population of men, and a larger percentage of women, have a full head of hair well into their adult and even senior years (http://www.analdig.com/anal-acrobats/badlittlegrrl-solo-badlittlegrrl/). The problems happen when those lost hairs aren’t replaced – what ultimately happens to about two-thirds of men, some younger than others. A study published in 2017 in PLoS Genetics (“Genetic prediction of male pattern baldness, Hagenaars, Hill, Marioni, et al.; the publication is a peer reviewed scientific journal), which looked at 52,000 participants (all Caucasian men, between the ages of 40 and 69). It found “over two hundred independent, novel genetic correlates of male pattern baldness,” concluded the study authors.