I Am Aubrey – Conclusion – Aubrey Kate

I Am Aubrey - Conclusion - Aubrey Kate 1
In a revealing, very personal interview, TS superstar Aubrey Kate confronts the dilemma of her life: whether or not to have surgery and complete her transition. She explains that she really wants the surgery so she can feel truly comfortable, stop worrying about awkward reactions to her anatomy, and live a somewhat normal life. But she knows that surgery could have career consequences. ‘It’s kind of like getting rid of my money maker,’ says Aubrey. She observes that porn stars are marketed for their bodies, but social media allows fans to get to know performers as more than sexual objects. She’s polled her fans, and many say they would still watch her work after surgery, but would porn companies accept her? One thing Aubrey knows is that her friends in the industry would have her back. The young trans girl that saw Barbie dolls as her model and her escape has grown up to be a star and a symbol. Aubrey Kate says, ‘So I’m a Barbie all the time. I don’t need to just be hidden in my room, you know?’

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