Mariana Rios & Victoria Neves – Victoria Neves & Mariana Rios

Mariana Rios & Victoria Neves - Victoria Neves & Mariana Rios 1
Gorgeous, Brazilian T-babes Mariana Rios and Vitoria Neves model skimpy lace bikini tops and bottoms. They share TS tit sucking and slurping as Mariana pokes the tip of her tongue in Vitoria’s tight butthole. The bronzed hottie Vitoria returns the rim job favor, gleefully licking Mariana’s cheeks, crack and butthole. Vitoria pulls out her chick-dick, and her busty lover gives a deepthroat blowjob. Lusty Vitoria gives Mariana a raunchy BJ as she strokes her own stiff femme-phallus. Vitoria swallows Mariana’s fully tucked cock from behind her big ass. They trade buttfucking: Vitoria squats on Mariana’s huge member, taking a deeply thrusting anal hump. Vitoria perches on the couch for Mariana’s doggie-style ass pounding. Vitoria’s hot cum spunks Marian’s butt. Mariana stands to splash Vitoria with a cum facial bath.

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