I Could Use Some Help… – Jay Bangher & Jackie Hoff

I Could Use Some Help... - Jay Bangher & Jackie Hoff 1
So I’m driving around when I (Jay Bangher) get a call from my bro. He says his girl Jackie Hoff is not responding to him, I’m in the neighborhood so I’m down to check things out for him. I knock at her door, she’s not answering but I go check out back to make sure things are OK. That’s when I find Jackie – his girlfriend – masturbating on a livestream in front of her pool. Fuck, that girl has some beautiful big naturals, knew it! I hated to break up the show but needed to make sure my bro wasn’t worried so I walked in on her. She freaked out at first, but I promised her I wouldn’t tell him. Then she asked me to join her show. This is so bad, but she’s so hot! Soooooo… I let her 2-handed this big black cock while she sucked on it. You could see her pussy clinging to this fat meat when she slid that tight little shaved thing on it. Her big boobs slapped & bounced as I fucked her to orgasm after orgasm. I pulled out and came all over her glasses. Then I called my bro back & told him everything was fine and she was just swimming out back. Filthy! I Could Use Some Help... - Jay Bangher & Jackie Hoff 2

Alexis Tae

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