Black Widow – Kayla Green & Angelica Heart

Black Widow - Kayla Green & Angelica Heart 1
Fame fatal Kayla found a beautiful brown hair, blue eyes heart breaker woman on a dating site. She doesn’t hesitate to invite her match for a nice dinner. Two lonely milf finds each other extremely attractive in their date. After a pleasant dinner, they decided to continue, and they went into Kayla’s luxury apartment. Angelica got impressed with Kayla’s wealthy existence, which made her exciting and happy.

The blonde big fake tits milf help Angelica takes her jacket off like a gentleman to make her date feels more comfortable. Kayla can’t take her eyes out of Angelica’s beautiful big tits and soft skin and her big round lips. She would eat her immediately, but suddenly, Angelica noticed some old pictures in Kayla’s cabinet. The brunette milf confused and asked her future partner if all of the girls had been her ex-girlfriend?

She went too far with this question. This is the sad theme for the blonde milf, but she tries to explain because she wants Angelica’s heart for real and is ready to start a new relationship after many lousy years. They went to the living room to talk about Kayla’s past. Angelica is incredibly understanding of the horrible story that Kayla told her,and the blue eyes beauty tries to warm up Kayla’s broken heart.

Angelica touched Kayla’s arm and looked into her eyes very deep to show that she was ready to kiss her big fake lips. The chemistry was higher than empire state building. They fell in love.

Kayla slid her fingers between Angelica’s ample and soft tits, but before she kissed her to tease Angelica, Kayla went to bring her a glass of water. Angelica truly felt like a princess and wished more for Kayla. Of course, the maniac lesbian blonde bombshell catches that and starts to lick all over her new lover.

They were kissing with their tongue and eating each other. Kayla couldn’t stop licking Angelicas’ lips. She began to suck her beautiful toes and give a foot massage, then finally arrived with her lips for Angelica’s heavenly delicious pussy. She licked her new love till she cum in her mounts. Angelica’s cum tasted like honey. Angelica is also wanted to give back that orgasm, so she went down on the floor to taste Kayla’s beautiful feet. The blonde milf opens her legs and lets the beautiful big tits milf lick her vagina.

Kayla enjoyed as much as she could, then turned Angelica in doggy style to lick and taste her round ass. Angelica cumming again and again. Kayla is an experienced pussy licker. They tasted each other in 69. Two beautiful, mature with big ass and tits milf had a great time together.

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