The Writer – Nesty & Zazie Skymm

Nesty is an experienced writer. She writes novels and books about life and romantic adventures.Her publisher wants her to write a book about a mysterious woman who had an unexpected sexual life. She never wrote about that theme, but she was excited about the new project. The blonde beauty started the journey and fluttered to research and write.She gets very deep into the story and finds that something strange is happening to her while she is creating her character.Her character has a different life than Nesty; she is not very open-minded in her sexual life. She gets obsessed with her creature and starts to feel hunted by this mysterious woman. One night Nesty,the blue-eyed milf heard something strange during the night; she couldn’t take a break.These disturbing and scary noises scare her, and she turns up the light when the mysterious sex bunny shows up.Nesty gets shocked, but she can’t do anything.Her creature shows up in the middle of the night to show Nesty what she never felt before in her intimate life. The mysterious blonde (Zazie Skymm) gets the advantage of her creator and leads her to the most profound lesbian sex ever.