Coco Vandi and Cory Chase in Coffee Shop StepSister JOI – Cory Chase & Coco Vandi

Coco Vandi and Cory Chase in Coffee Shop StepSister JOI - Cory Chase & Coco Vandi 1
Cory is showing her step-sister, Coco Vandi, how to work their special new coffee machine. She is pointing out all of the different settings and features of the coffee maker, to her. Once they are finished making their coffees, they sit down at the coffee bar and they begin to chit chat. They turn around and notice you staring at them, so they tell you to go away! You can’t help but stare at these two MILFs though!

Cory decides to entertain you, so she turns around and she tells you to pull your hard cock out! She wants you to pull your cock out right in the middle of the coffee shop. You start to imagine what it would look like if these two MILFs starting eating each other out on top of the counter. Cory stands up and she asks her step-sister to unzip her dress for her. She strips out of her dress and you stare at this hot MILF who is wearing nothing but a gray bra and panty set. Coco pulls Cory’s panties down the ground next! Then, Coco pulls her dress off and now the two MILFs are standing in front of you, completely naked! They start to squeeze their big, enhanced tits in front of you while holding a cup out for you to cum into. They beg you to cum for them and give them your cream in the coffee cup!

After you cum, they look down and see the small drop of cum in the cup. These MILFs are not impressed! They call you a loser and tell you to leave!

Alexis Tae

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