Melanie Hicks in Free Use Step Family Halloween – The Prequel – Luke Longly & Melanie Hicks

Step Sister First

Luke is in the kitchen when his step-sister Melanie walks into the room. They start discussing today’s scene and they even show you some behind the scenes footage! They look around and they notice Halloween decorations all over the house. Luke starts to give Melanie a tour of the house, and their first stop is to show her what the step-son’s room looks like after he decorated it. Luke notices how great Melanie’s boobs look, so he reaches out and he grabs her big, natural tits! Then Luke and Melanie walk over to the step-daughter’s room next, to show her the Halloween decorations we set up in that room. Luke has Melanie strip naked and then he has her lie down on the bed in the missionary position. She spreads her legs so Luke can lick her pussy to start. Then she returns the favor by giving Luke a blowjob. Then, Melanie bends over in the doggystyle position and Luke starts to fuck her pussy from behind. She flips over on to her back and Luke fucks her pussy in the missionary position, while he sucks on her nipples. When Luke is ready to cum, he has Melanie open her mouth wide and look up at him. Then, he jerks his cock off into his step-sister’s mouth!

Stranger Danger

Luke’s wife, Cory, is still away on her business trip, so Melanie and Luke have been hanging out and having some fun this week! Melanie is completely naked as she walks out of the bathroom; She hops on the bed and she starts to give Luke a blowjob right away. Once his cock is nice and hard, she bends over in the doggystyle position so he can fuck her pussy from behind. While he is fucking Melanie, someone seems to be spying on them from the window! Is it a jealous step-daughter, or someone else? Melanie lies down on her back next and Luke fucks her tight pussy in the missionary position next. Luke leans down and kisses Melanie on the lips, before he gets up and starts to fuck Melanie from behind. When Luke is ready to cum, Melanie gives him a blowjob and swallows all of his cum!


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