Nikki Brooks in Free Useville Vol 2 – Luke Longly & Cory Chase & Nikki Brooks

Nikki Brooks in Free Useville Vol 2 - Luke Longly & Cory Chase & Nikki Brooks 1
Step-Mom is Free Use
My step-mom, Nikki Brooks, is lying down on her bed, while she chats on the phone with her step-sister Cory Chase. She starts talking to Cory about the time they had a threesome with Cory’s step-son, JMac! Nikki tells Cory how hot it is to watch her get fucked in the ass. I (Luke Longly) walk into the room while my step-mom is still on the phone, and I whisper to ask her if she is still ‘free use.’ She nods her head and my cock starts to get hard! I walk over to her and I grab her big tits with my hand. She keeps talking on the phone, while I shove my cock in her mouth this time. She tells Cory that I am in the room and Cory starts to get turned on through the phone! Cory loves hearing her step-sister suck and gag on her step-son’s cock. She lies down on the bed next, and I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy. My step-mom moans loudly into the phone, as I keep fucking her. She tries to convince her step-sister to come over this afternoon and join us later! I end up cumming deep inside of her pussy, and then she runs off to take a shower before Cory comes over!

Your Dad Thinks I am Fucking Your Step Cousin
My step-mom, Nikki, is lying down on the bed wearing nothing but a silk robe. I ask her where my step-aunt Cory is, and she tells me that she is on the way over! Nikki lifts up her robe, before she tells me that my father found out that she was cheating on him. However, the good news is that my father doesn’t suspect that I’m the one she’s fucking! He assumes she’s fucking a neighbor, and that’s exactly what we’re going to let him think. She decides to call my father while I fuck her today, and pretend that I’m a random neighbor and not his son. She tells me that my father wants to hear her getting fucked, while he’s stuck at work. She calls him while I am slapping her pussy with my cock. I slowly shove the tip of my cock inside of her pussy, before I put the whole thing deep inside. After a few minutes, she turns around so I can fuck her pussy in the doggy style position. She asks my father where she should let me cum! She flips over onto her back while shouting into the phone ‘I want you to cum! I want you to cum!’ A moment later, I cum deep inside of her pussy! She takes some photos of my cum dripping out of her pussy, so she can send them to my dad! How naughty!

Coffee With My Step Sister
My step-aunt Cory finally came over this afternoon! Her and my step-mom are both wearing red dresses as they pour two cups of coffee and walk over to the couch. My step-mom confesses to her step-sister that her husband found out that she was fucking another man, but that he doesn’t know that it was his son! They keep chatting, while my step-mom starts to fondle Cory’s big tits. She pulls her red dress down and my step-mom starts to lick Cory’s nipples. My step-mom lifts her dress up and she isn’t wearing any panties underneath her dress! Cory starts to lick and suck on her step-sister’s pussy. After Nikki cums hard in Cory’s mouth, the step-sister’s switch places. Nikki goes down on Cory next, and she licks and kisses her clit. Cory moves into the doggystyle position and Nikki keeps eating Cory’s ass and pussy from behind until she cums!

Who Has The Tighter Pussy
My step-mom and my step-aunt called me into my parents room this afternoon, just after I awoke from my nap. Nikki is wearing a hot pink bra and panty set while Cory is wearing the same but in green. They have a question to ask me; They want to know who has the tighter pussy! My step-aunt Cory hops on top of my cock first and she starts to ride me in the cowgirl position. She and my step-mom both start talking about calling my dad while fucking me again. I tell the two MILF’s that I want to fuck my step-mom Nikki next! Nikki hops on top of my cock next and she rides my hard cock in the cowgirl position. After a few minutes, she switches places with Cory again. My step-aunt gets on top of me, but in the reverse cowgirl position this time. I love watching her ass bounce up and down while she rides me! I keep fucking both of their pussy’s back and forth, trying to determine who has the tighter pussy. When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off into my step-mom’s mouth, and then she swaps my cum with my step-aunt. Wow, that was hot! I can’t wait to do that again… after I take another nap.

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