Rebel Rhyder in Hot New Free Use Step-Mom Vol 1 – Luke Longly & Cory Chase & Rebel Rhyder

Bored Step-Mom Wants To Try Anal
My step-mom, Rebel Rhyder, came into my bedroom this afternoon because she’s bored and doesn’t have anything to do today. She is wearing a green dress, as she starts to tease me with her body. She confesses to me that her and my father haven’t had sex in a while! She slowly walks closer to me and she sits down on my bed next to me. She pulls her big tits out from under her dress, and then she asks me if she can get fully naked on my bed. How could I (Luke Longly) say no?! She pulls her dress off and then she lies down on the bed; She uses her fingers to play with her pussy in front of me. It only takes a few minutes for my cock to get hard, and then I shove my hard cock deep inside of my step-mom’s pussy. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggy style position so I can fuck her tight pussy from behind. Her ass hole looks so inviting, and I finally work up the courage to ask her if I can fuck her ass. She agrees, and I start to fuck her ass from behind. My ass feels so good wrapped around my cock! I keep fucking her ass in the doggy style position followed by missionary. I end up cumming deep inside of her ass hole, and then I tell my step-mom to go get cleaned up before my dad gets home!

Dad Took Away My X Box So I Ass Fucked My Step Mom
I went to play video games this morning and I noticed that my dad took away my X Box! I now have nothing else to play with! I walk over to my step-mom and I start complaining to her about this. She has a suggestion for me, as she slowly pulls her big tits out from under her dress. She walks over to me and she gets down on her knees in front of me. She pulls my hard cock out and she starts to give me a nice, sloppy blowjob! A few moments later, she gets into the doggy style position so I can fuck her from behind. I fuck her pussy and her ass back and forth, and they both feel so good! Then she flips over into the missionary position and I keep fucking her pussy and ass back and forth. When I am finished, I run off to go get cleaned up before my dad catches us!

Breast Exam Leads To Anal
My step-mom tells me that she feels a lump in her breast, and she wants me to check it out for her. She pulls her big tits out from under her blue dress, and I start to feel them. I think that everything feels normal, but I’m also not a doctor, so what do I know? I pretend that I know what I’m doing though, so I can keep feeling up my step-mom’s tits! I start to get hard, so I pull my cock out and I pull my step-mom’s ass close to my cock. I have her sit on my cock and she starts to moan! We walk from the kitchen over to the living room, and she strips out of the rest of her clothes. Then she lies down on the living room couch and I continue to fuck her pussy and her ass back and forth. When I get close to cumming, I have my step-mom get down on her knees and open her mouth wide in front of me. I jerk my cock off into her mouth and all over her face!

Threesome and Cum Swap
I hear noises coming from one of the bedroom’s in my house, so I walk over to see what the noise is! I notice my step-mom and another blonde woman who I’ve never met before, going down on each other in the bed. I walk into the room and I ask my step-mom who this other woman is. She tells me that it’s her step-sister (Cory Chase), who is also my step Aunt! I walk closer to the bed and I shove my cock deep inside of Cory’s ass while she’s eating out my step-mom. I want to fuck my step-mom’s ass again, so I move on over to my step-mom! My Aunt Cory watches us and she plays with herself while she watches. I go back and forth between fucking the two MILF’s asses and pussy’s back and forth. What a great day for me! When I get close to cumming, I take my cock out of their holes and I jerk my cock off into my step-mom’s mouth! Then she swaps my cum with her step-sister.

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